Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm such a disappointment

So I didn't go out last night. My friend I was going to go with had to babysit her niece, so Thad and I made steaks and corn and watched tv.

Today I just worked on the house, and Thad said he wanted homemade pizza. So I make dough FROM SCRATCH. And we're not talking just regular dough, here. I made white AND wheat. I get the dough prebaked a little, Thad picked up some toppings, I get everything constructed, and my f***ing OVEN DOESN'T WORK. It gets warm. Not HOT, just WARM. We burnt one pizza trying to cook it on the grill, but the other cooked ok. I'm so pissed, because now we have to:

A) Figure out what is wrong with the oven and fix it, or

B) Buy a new oven.

Baby's in bed, Thad's in bed, and I'm headed there myself. Sorry I'm such a sad case. Hopefully rafting will make up for my lackluster "weekend".

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blast from my past

I'm watching "Wayside" on Nickelodeon today, and it's based on the Wayside books that I used to read when I was way younger. It's about a school that has many different levels and is really tall and looks like it could topple over. Weird.

So I may just make my way down to the Carlin tonight for ladies' night. I just hope my pal Lindsey will be able to go. I want to get a little dressed up, drink some cocktails, and snap some pictures. I need some new pics for this blog and my myspace profile.

This is a rather disappointing blog to read after you've been waiting for a new one for awhile. To all my readers, including Kristine, sorry it's taken so long to get a new one up, and sorry it's so disappointing. I'll either blog more today, or I'll put a big one up tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We all have dreams

Mine is to work in an office like this.

God, wouldn't that be awesome?!?!?!

Is she a monkey, or is she an angel

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I don't know, but either way, I love her.

My mom is coming up today for a bunch of errands. So I think I may end up carting her from place to place, but then we'll probably hit up Costco. I want to go in to work to take the baby to say hi. She is starting to get freaked by strangers, but hopefully it won't be a full blown freakout if I have her on the floor.

Thad saw my blog from last night because I left it up on the computer in the bathroom. If you're reading this, Thad, I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just another manic Tuesday...whoa-oooh-whoa

Just joking, it's not that manic tonight. We're a little busy at work, but just because work is busy doesn't mean I'm busy. I like that when people start getting the hang of things they stop needing to ask a question for every call they take, but that sometimes makes me feel less needed. Not a good feeling.

Had a Wendy's Frosty Float tonight, and it was gooooo-oooood. Very tasty, especially since they use soft serve ice cream, which increases the enjoyment factor when you aren't trying suck huge frozen chunks of ice cream out through a straw.

I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate better health choices in my already crazy schedule. It's hard to eat right when you don't have the ability to cook a dinner. Thad and I only get two dinners and two breakfast/lunches a week together right now, so I usually try to cook something on those nights. Sometimes we break down and have pizza, but not very often. On the weekends I'll either cook breakfast or we go to Montana Jack's and enjoy their sumptuous buffet. Yummy.

It's just hard to eat Lean Cuisines/Healthy Choice meals all the time too. I guess I should buckle down and eat 3-4 meals at work using Lean Cuisines or Healthy Choice meals, and only eat out 1-2 times a week, instead of my regular eating-out. Any suggestions on how I can achieve this little goal of mine would be greatly appreciated.

I'm pretty tired tonight. I keep yawning, and I wore contacts for the first time in awhile today and my eyes are all sticky. Like they WANT me to close them.

I sat down and watched "Flight of the Conchords" on HBO On Demand last night. These guys are pretty funny, and they have some pretty funny songs. Check out their website here. The also have some pretty funny youtube stuff out there, as I've illustrated below. They are in order of how much I like the song. The first one is pretty fun.

And I'm spent

Well, dishes are done, bottles are washed, clothes are folded and put away, and the living room has been picked up. I think I'll tell Thad that he can take the mini dumpster out to the big dumpster to empty it out tonight.

Thad's folks are in town, and are on their way over to pick up Elora and take her to her great-grandma's house for a birthday party. Since I'll be going to work I don't think I'll be attending, but perhaps I'll get to see some of the family tomorrow. Maybe not, we'll see.

My pants have cuffed hems, and I will probably have to go throw them in the dryer because the cuffs are all whacked out. Riveting information, I know. You heard it hear first..... I don't like to iron.

I have been watching a show called "Til Debt Do Us Part", and it features couples in different stages of their lives that are burdened by debt. A financial planner comes in and gives them a big dose of reality about the way they spend compared to how much they earn. The couple get's their expenses slashed pretty drastically, and is forced to give up all credit and debit cards and use cash only. Their cash is budgeted out into jars for a week, and they can spend it on food, clothes, transportation, entertainment, and other. It's pretty interesting, especially when you see the idiots that sign up for the show for $5000 but don't want to do anything the lady says.

Well, I better get this khaki situation taken care of and go get the mail. It's getting to be the time to get ready to go to work.

I'll try to blog at work tonight!


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My little window box part 2

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We have little tiny leaves on the basil, and slightly bigger leaves on the parsley. And I think I planted cilantro, not mint.

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Condensation rocks.

What my day consists of

So, I realized today that if I get my housework done a little bit today, like laundry and dishes and the garbage, I won't have to worry about them tomorrow, so I can have an effective lazy day.

So here's how the day plays out.

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1) TV... now, please be aware that I don't want "American Body Shop", but that's only because it isn't on yet.

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2) Laptop - I spend a pretty good amount of time at this computer, watching tv, playing games while I'm watching tv, blogging, emailing, paying bills. It's my mecca, really.

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3) Baby's laundry needs to be folded and put away.

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4) Bottles need to be washed.

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5) Dishes also need to be washed

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6) I could probably pick up the living room.

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7) The baby will be in here a little later today.

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8) She'll also be here.

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9) Sweet baby Elora.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My little window box

I'm growing some herbs from peat pellets this year. So far my basil and parsley have both germinated, so I moved them from the mini-greenhouse that the peat pellets come in and put them in a little glass window box that Adrienne gave me. It used to house a fairy and a book about herb gardening, but now it actually holds herbs.

As soon as the get their first leaves I'm supposed to transplant them to pots. And I have the cutest pots ever! They are white, and they each have a little black chalkboard square on them to write what is planted in them.

I also have rosemary and mint but they haven't sprouted yet. They have a pretty long germination period, but I'm hoping to see something coming up by next week.

The basil and parsley have only been in the window box since this morning, but I see the glass has already steamed up a little with condensation. I've never been successful at growing things, so if this works I will be so impressed with myself.

My ultimate goal is to grow a giant rosemary plant, maybe several, and actually transplant some into my garden. Aw, dreams.

Born on the Fourth of July

No I wasn't, but I hope to be rafting the gritty river Yellowstone on the 4th. Oh, sweet mother of Christ, I want so desperately to get on that river and float the day away. Health issues be damned, I might use this opportunity (since it will be the only time I get to float this year) to be a bad girl and smoke cigarettes while I drink beer and get a sunburn. Some people may not understand the appeal of rafting, but that's just because they aren't doing it right. You get a bunch of friends together on a 5x10 piece of rubber, throw on a couple coolers filled with beer and lunch delicacies like fried chicken and sandwiches, get some tunes going, start drinking and playing games, maybe do a little fishing, and you have achieved utopia.

So, we've got English cousins visiting in a couple months. Frank, Eva, Tom, and Matt. Delightful folks, so much fun to visit with, and we're going to try to go to Pocatello to see them while they're visiting Thad's grandparents. While making this trip we will stop at Buddy's. Now for those of you not in the know let me tell you about Buddy's. They have the best salad dressing EVER. I ate there almost two years ago and the salad dressing HAUNTS MY DREAMS. Check out their website here.

Good stuff, good times. I think we're going to make it a nice long trip, maybe head out to Portland to visit some peeps that we love, Jen and Rick. They have been out there since February, and we miss 'em.... BAD. Luckily they'll be visiting for the week of the 4th, so I have no doubt that Jen will grace my couch for breakfast at least once or twice that week.

I'm still irritated. Don't know if it's work, or home, or what. But I'm trying hard not to inflict it on those around me. I don't know if I'm succeeding at this goal, but I'm trying.

In baby news, she's now passing a toy back and forth between her hands. She loves to make noise, both with her toys and with her mouth, and she wants to crawl DESPERATELY, but can't seem to figure out the correct arm movement/leg movement ratio. She'll get it soon, I have no doubt, and I'll wish that we would have baby proofed the house a lot sooner. Mark my words.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Work sucks, and my scab came off

I have this HUGE skinned knee from a little "accident" I had in Colstrip on Sunday. By accident, I mean I was bustling out to the car at 7:30 with the baby in her car seat, and since I was holding the car seat I didn't see that my foot was not going to hit the sidewalk, so I ended up DROPPING the car seat (baby was fine) and falling and skinning my knee in front of Thad and my in-laws. Very embarassing.

So today I took the baby out to look at the trees and leaves, and put her little feet on the tree trunk to feel the bark, and I didn't see that Murphy was right behind me. So when I turned to go back into the house I stumbled over him, and ended up falling down AGAIN (baby was fine, again) but this time my pajama pants to ripped the scab right off. Here's a gross picture....

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Three posts in one day, you might say......

.....isn't that pushing it a little bit. I mean, you don't really want to get people used to reading this much boring shit about your life and then disappoint them down the road when you don't write 3 times EVERYDAY.

Well, to inquiring minds that want to know, I think that today's postings have been redundant in their baby theme. So what else can I possibly talk about that might spark fierce debate and radical new ways of thinking?

Paris Hilton? No, that's been played out, I can barely tolerate reading shit about her because it's so nauseating that she is as pampered as she is. Britney Spears? Nope, nipple slips aside she's just really not very interesting either. Christina Aguilera's supposed pregnancy? I don't think so, because I really just don't care.

Why not bring up something political and volatile.... well, I don't follow politics, and I'm of the opinion that unless I want to become suicidal I won't get involved in politics beyond pissing my dad off with my anti-Republican propaganda.

So I thought and I thought and I thought. And then it hit me...

Haha, I got nothing. Sorry folks, all that build up for nothing. Baby Einstein is on. I think I'm going to zone out and try to come up with something a little bit later.

Pictures from last weekend

I've uploaded a bunch of new photos to my myspace, plus I'm adding some here. Please be aware, this is all the gift you'll be getting from me this year, Christmas and your birthday combined. Sorry.

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I love Tona's face, she is such a ham!

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Another goofy face!

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What a pretty grin!

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Note her David Blaine-esque intensity. It's all in the gaze.

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Okay, I'm doing it

I'm posting. I wanted to last night, but let the night get away from me. It was my "Friday" so, I'm glad it's over, because I have the day off with my baby today. And man, we're having some fun.

She loves to try to get her feet, and then eat them. Sometimes her feet elude her a little bit, but at least their attached so I don't have to retrieve them every time she can't get to them.

Thad bought her a little surfboard with a water scene thingy in it for her to play on when she does her tummy time. We don't time tummy time or anything, we just let her roll over and then wait until she freaks out. We should write a parenting book.

She scratched me so bad last night in her sleep that she drew blood. Thad woke me this morning to say that I had blood on my face, which is not the first thing anyone wants to hear the minute their eyes are open. Lo and behold, blood on my face from a sharp little talon/fingernail. Mama got the file out today and shaved those suckers down.

Here are a few pictures of this crazy kid. Thad took all these the other night. He always gets great pictures of her.

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My daddy bought me this!

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I'm a supermodel!

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Aren't I cute?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's been a while

Sorry it's taken me so long to post. I'm not trying to avoid my blog perusers. I'm just so tired or busy lately that it seems to take me forever to post. I have two drafts waiting to be posted and I still haven't gotten around to finishing either and putting it up. So I'm starting from scratch.

We went to my cousin Brooke's wedding in Miles City on Saturday. It was beautiful, and Elora got to meet a whole bunch of her extended family, which included her step-grandma Melba, a bunch of her cousins and her great aunts and uncles. We didn't stay long, because we drove to Colstrip that night to stay with Thad's parents.

Thad and I got to sneak out for a beer when the baby fell asleep, but when we got back she was apparently VERY upset because she was doing that hysterical scream/cry that gives a girl the hiccups. It wasn't very pleasant for the in-laws, but wouldn't you know it, as soon as I laid her down, plugged her with her binky, and laid with her in my arms she was asleep in less than a minute. That's mama's magic touch right there.

Thad made chicken fried rice last night, and used soy sauce and red curry paste to marinate the chicken, and it was so moist and tasty I had a mouth-gasm. I kid you not, tremors of pleasure from my mouth down to my toes.

Besides that it's just been the usual. Working, taking care of the baby, and working more. We have a new crop of newbies at work, but they're doing pretty well. No skull smashing has ensued..... yet.

God, I hope I get a new schedule soon. I'm SUPER hopeful that we may get another lead to take over my shift so I can get into a better one. I'd love to get 4 10 hour shifts, and have a day off with Thad. Oh, in a perfect world our big guy upstairs would realize how valuable our position is to the agents fresh on the floor with questions galore. I'm a freaking poet.... but I don't feel like rhyming on that last one.

So I'm trying to learn how to soul trap on Oblivion, so I'm asking a co-worker tonight. I love Oblivion.... so much.... if I could have given birth to this game instead of my child and been completely ok.....JUST KIDDING.

Monday, June 4, 2007

No games *sob*

I'm not supposed to play games at work tonight. Because we've been so busy it seems that some people are peevish about leads playing games when we aren't busy. Only because EVERYONE ELSE is busy. Someone must have complained.

I'm going to try to write more at night. I have my best ideas on my drive home from work, alone, usually with no music to distract me, but once I have these fantastic ideas it's like they slip outta my head like water through a colander.

I've got a wedding in Miles City on Saturday for my cousin Brooke. I'm actually both dreading it and looking forward to it. I'm not really big on family things, to be completely honest, but this is the first time a lot of my family will be meeting Elora, and I'm really excited about that.

Elora and I have been watching the Backyardigans. I adore the Backyardigans. I think that so far my favorites have been "The Secret of the Nile", which is set to Broadway-style music and is about saying please and thank you, and "The Yeti", which is James Brown-style funk music. I love to sing with them because the songs are so funny and cute. I tend to gush about them because they are just the coolest thing.

Well, I've got a Jane magazine to read and blogs to catch up on. Leave me a comment for shits and giggles!

Best Weekend EVER

How much fun did I have on my three day weekend?


Wednesday was spent cleaning and getting this prepared for Adriennit's visit and my bbq on Friday. So I got a bunch of stuff done, which was great.

So Thursday rolls around and Thad and I are awaiting the arrival of our guest. She shows up just as I start to get the ingredients ready for coconut chicken curry and mojitos.

The curry and mojitos turn out great:

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Even the baby wanted some:

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I end up getting pretty tipsy by mixing a deadly little combo of rum and chardonnay, but end up surviving and getting up early on Friday morning. Adriennit woke up early with me so we could squeeze as much fun time into the day as possible since she was leaving for Helena at 5:00.

So we went to Gainan's nursery and walked around, discussing things I could make for my bbq. She suggests a homemade pasta salad and her recipe for "ranch" bread. We then go to the store, pick up all the ingredients, and she ends up getting both the pasta salad and the ranch bread ready for me that afternoon, plus she helped me weed my flowerbeds (FINALLY).

So the bbq was fun. The "ranch" bread was incredible, the pasta salad amazing, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Unfortunately we did not do a photo shoot for another debate. Kinda bummed about that, but perhaps we'll make up for it 10 fold when next our paths do cross.

Here's a little Elora in a sunhat for you to ooooh and aaaah over:

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