Monday, March 28, 2011

A snag

So my pre-authorization for surgery got delayed. Not so much delayed as the person that was supposed to be doing it sat on it for a few weeks, then when I finally emailed to find out what the status was she said "Oh, I need more info". Well THAAAAANKS! If I would have known you needed more information 3 weeks ago when you first got the letter I would have been happy to get you what you need.

This development is frustrating, because the last time I was scheduled I got a week away from surgery and found out that it wouldn't be covered by insurance no matter what. Now it's come to light that just HAVING large breasts isn't enough, there are things you have to try. Apparently you can't have genuine back pain without trying physical therapy and chiropractors for yourpain to be legitimate.

So if things continue to stagnate I may end up just finding out what the self pay options are and just going through with it. It would still be something I could use my $1203 remaining Flex dollars on, it just means I won't end up meeting my deductible as I had planned. I could even do the surgery and appeal any denial I get but it doesn't necessarily mean I'll get the outcome I want.

So I should hear more this week. I'm also interviewing for a position today that I would like to get, so I'm going to mind my p's and q's until I know exactly what's up with this surgery. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


: the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also : the state of being so placed

Let's juxtapose, for a moment, my spring seasons in both the current year and 2010.

Last year, at this moment I was planning excitedly for a trip out of town with my family, looking forward to seeing good friends, eating some amazing food, and coming away with happy memories of my family's first road trip.

Last year, in the days to come, I was planning and preparing, making ready all aspects of our planned trip, including my absence from work.

This year, I am planning an absence to finally rid myself of the breasts that cause me such pain, because my employer actually covers breast reduction.

Last year, in the weeks to come, I had an amazing trip, we visited and played and made some amazing memories with the aforementioned family.

This year, we are already looking forward to warmer months ahead for more fun times and memories, camping, playing outside, and riding bikes.

Last year, on 3/28/10, I returned to work and was told that a piece of paperwork going unsigned had ended up signing my employment's death sentence.

This year, I'm not at all worried that this company will not only NOT fire me when I return from surgery, but they are utilizing the crap out of my skills like never before. AND I'M LOVING IT.

Last year, in April, my best friend had twins and I was lucky enough to be able to visit her in the hospital because I was unemployed.

This year, I've gotten to see that same friend twice, spend alone time with her and those babies that will soon be a year old, in addition to getting to spend waaaaay more time with my own kids and other friends because my job doesn't suck the life out of my life.

Last year, in April, I began a job hunt, and worked on our finances to ensure our survival at least until I could gain employment.

This year, I'm considering what I can do with all the knowledge I've gained in this new career. I feel like I've gotten a degree in "Insurance 101" or at least finished my general studies on the subject. I can help my friends and family when they have insurance questions, and I'm considering whether the next step would be to use this base to go back to school for a medical billing/coding/transcriptionist program.

All in all, I'm finding it harder to be bitter with Bresnan for their dumb decision, because in the end the people I help NEED help, and the people I talk to every day actually make my job better because they appreciate me because I give them my best.

As part of this catharsis, I would like to point out to all previous supervisors/managers/directors that I used to work with (minus the ones who I actually love, because they know who they are)....... SORRY, SUCKERS! I think it's been abundantly clear that you fired one person that actually DID the work, not just talked about it before going out for their 8th smoke break of the day, or spending the majority of their time making personal calls on their work phone while all their employees could see that they weren't working.

So that's it for juxtaposition in my life. In this case, everything in 2011 is 100% better, my family life, my wife life (hehe), my work life, and my friend life.

Suck it, 2010 :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New post for a new day

Well, chicklets, I realize everyone has probably been waiting on pins and needles for a new post, so I figured I better feed my hungry masses.

Chico.... I wrote a blog to you, but for now you will go to the wayside. Besides, while my pictures of our getaway are fun, it is actually kind of more fun to keep them tucked away, private reminders of a weekend getaway with some amazing friends.

Thad's cousin, Brittany, has sent me a couple mix cds in the past year, each excellent in their own way. I am very blessed to have a cousin-in-law that not only shares a similar taste in music with me, but also is kind enough to share it with me. Her recent cd includes some songs by AWOLNATION, Sleigh Bells, and the xx. This one is pretty funky and I rock it in my car when I'm commuting:

As of tomorrow I have only 6 weeks until my surgery. I'm getting super excited. Thrilled. ELATED. I can't even describe how excited I am, because DAY-AMN my back be hurtin'.

In child-news: Elora has decided that now would be the appropriate time to start a revolt against everything I say. Colter is a turd-monster who likes to scratch his neighbors whenever he disagrees with their politics.

The kids and I are going to go see my sister and her kids in Colstrip this weekend. I haven't seen this crew since last July, so I'm looking forward to some Quayd, Clover and Kodi Rose time.