Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thai on the Fly

I am so witty! We've been kind of experiencing a stand-off of sorts in Casa Swan. The stand-off is about going to the store. Neither Thad nor I want to go to the store to get groceries after a long day of work. So we've been really trying to use some pantry items to stretch out what we have in the house until we absolutely must must MUST go to the store.

As a result of said stand-off, I've been whipping up some stuff I've been quite proud of, and last night was no exception.

From Drop Box

This, ladies and gentleman, is my Thai on the Fly. I did the following:

I cooked up some Coconut Rice (you'll have to search Food Network for the recipe, because I don't have time to link that shizz up) and while that was going I started some oil heating in my dutch oven. I added green curry paste, a little bit of soy sauce, fish sauce, tamarind paste, and a dollop of ginger preserves (in lieu of fresh ginger). To this concoction I ladled in a little of the excess coconut milk that was still cooking with the rice, and then cooked some sliced chicken up in it.

Last but very not least, I used the only remaining fresh vegetable in my house, green onions, to garnish, and VOILA!

I will admit, the smell was potent and there were complaints from some whiners in the house, but both those whiners ate their chicken just fine.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nrrrrd girl

I love mornings, especially early mornings when everyone is asleep and I get some time to play video games. I've been a gaming nerd since the original Nintendo, and I was lucky enough to find a gaming soul mate that can understand my desire to play video games because he himself shares the same desire.

In past years, with the arrival of the original xBox, I played the Knights of the Old Republic games. They are Star Wars games, but not affiliated with the Skywalker storyline at all. The original Fable on xBox was also played through several times. When the 360 came out the games I played the most were Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (I admittedly tried to play Morrowind and after playing Oblivion first it was a big fail), Mass Effect (both 1 and 2) and Fallout 3.

We upgraded to include a PS3 two Christmases ago, and I haven't done as much on that, starting Dragon Age: Origins but never finishing it, but recently I've been balls deep in Fallout: New Vegas. It's everything I love about Fallout and Oblivion, as they were made by some of the same folks, and it plays and plays for ever.

I don't play games with others. Thad likes to shoot people on Call of Duty: Black Ops and I simply don't have the killer instinct or the desire to be mocked for my inability to perform under pressure. It seems like there would be pressure, since the object isn't just to stay alive, it's to kill as many folks as possible. Just thinking about it makes me go into spasms, which would be exactly what you would see if I was playing it.

A week from Friday finally go on our little weekend vacation with some friends. We're spending two nights in Chico Hot Springs, and we got a cabin with a kitchen so we can cook a few of our meals while we're there. We plan on eating at The Second Street Bistro.

in Livingston to celebrate Thad and our friend Joel's 30th birthdays in February. We plan on swimming, drinking, swimming, eating, and playing some games. I can't wait to get my Egyptian Rat Screw on.

Well, it's rapidly approaching the time of morning when my ass must get into gear. Have a wondeful day, everybody!!!