Friday, June 12, 2009

Nature Girl

Yesterday Elora and I went for an hour long hike with my friend Tanya. We went to Two Moon Park, which is right next to the Yellowstone. On the way back to the car we struggled with her pouting and her desire to be carried because I kept warning her about snakes when she walked through the tall grass. So the closer we got to the car the more resistant she was to continuing.

About 5 minutes before we got to the car she proclaimed she was "pooping". Tanya was not yet familiar with the fact that this was meant either number 1 or number 2, and just meant she needed to do SOMETHING. So in the woods, right of the path, I pulled her little pants down, helped her into the squat position, and held her there while she christened the ground with her first outdoor pee.

This isn't a picture from yesterday, it's a cute one I took today when she saw I had the camera out.

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This is why I hate cleaning the bathroom. They are EVERYWHERE. Thad trims his beard as close to the mirror as possible, rather than over the sink. These little hairs make me a little homicidal.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

It's June!

Holy moly does this summer seem to be moving by fast. Just yesterday we started May, it seems like, and now we're already galloping in to June. That means I have 3 months left until my due date, and I think now would be the appropriate time to begin the panic.

Not for reals, because there have been a few developments in Casa Swan. First of all, the room in the basement has been mudded and textured. Thad's parents came up this weekend, and he and his dad spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday covered in white joint compound. They decided on the knockdown texture (as seen here) and just got it done. So the last of this project will be painting and getting the flooring we want in the basement.

Secondly, I found some bedding for Colter that is really cute and that we can choose a lot of different colors from to paint his room. You can see a close up of the bedding set here. There are cute jungle animals, and a plethora of colors to choose from. I want to buy the paint for the basement and the paint for his room at the same time, and then we can work on getting both rooms painted back to back.

I also picked up a lot of cute baby stuff at a garage sale and out shopping with Schelle (mom in law) this weekend. Elora even got some Cars pajamas and a tshirt with Lightning McQueen, and some Dora slippers. After getting all that shopping done I didn't spend any time cleaning my house up, but I guess that's what this weekend will be for.

Finally, I'm 1 week away from being in the third trimester of my pregnancy. I see the doctor on Wednesday, and then I'll start going in every 2 weeks. It won't be long before I'll start seeing the doctor weekly, and I am mentally preparing myself for "Thanksgiving Turkey" feeling every pregnant woman gets when she becomes the object of the occasional "stuffing". At some point you actually being shutting down when you see a glove being placed on a hand, because you know you're going to be manhandled from within very soon.

I am starting to wonder about this little peanut inside me. Up til now he's just been my little tag-along, but last night he was kicking a conga beat on my stomach so much so that Thad even saw it move. Is he going to be blonde and blue eyed like his dad, or is this going to be the kid that has my coloring? Elora has tiny hints of me, but I show up more in her personality (she covers her mouth with her hand when she giggles, she's loud, she likes to make people laugh and laugh with them, and she has A MOUTH ON HER). So I wonder if Colter is going to be the spitting image of anyone. Will he have brown eyes? Is he going to be a shorter, stockier breed than Elora, who even now is almost as tall as 3 and 4 year olds at daycare? So many questions are starting up again, just like the first time around, and I'm starting to get excited to find out the answers.

Lastly, a quick word of apology to those friends that have not had any interactions with me lately.... it's going to get worse. With the weather getting hot I don't foresee a lot of outside time when the temperatures soar above 80 degrees. I spent the day yesterday outside with Elora after work, and had to nap once we got back in the house. So I just wanted to say, I'M SORRY AND I LOVE YOU, AND ONCE THIS BABY COMES LET'S HANG OUT. I'm receptive to invitations to dinner and movies, so please don't forget about me before I pop this kid out!

It's time to get ready for work. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I will keep you posted on the status of the basement projects and the preparation for Baby Swan 2009. My good friend Jen will be here at the end of July, so I anticipate having a shower at that time, which will likely consist of having lunch at one of my favorite restaurants (Juliano's for the uninitiated). I won't be registering for baby stuff, but I will let everyone know if there are any clothing sizes or diaper sizes that would be best to bring so we can start a stockpile for Colter as he gets bigger.

Peace, y'all!