Monday, December 17, 2007

Back at home

We're home, and all is well. Thad spent the weekend cleaning like a madman, and he did an amazing job. All our floors are clean (thanks in part to my birthday present, a Hoover FloorMate, which vacuums and scrubs your floors for you), and let me tell you, they were FILTHY. Ugh, it grosses us both out to know how bad they were. He also cleaned out our closets, organized our storage area downstairs, and vacuumed. I cleaned (in a fit of sheer craziness) the bathroom, did a little lite laundry, and kept the monkey out from under his feet.

Speaking of the monkey, we were so happy to get her back on Saturday. Thad's mom was kind enough to bring her up so we could skip the Colstrip leg of our journey and just get home. She's pretty happy to be home with her mama and her daddy. So happy that she hardly lets us out of her sight.

My mom is staying the week with us. I'm on a weight restriction so I'm not supposed to pick Elora up for 4 weeks. Talk about hard, it's horrible. If she wants to be picked up I'll get down and hug her or hold her, but it's a little easier now that she's walking a little more. That's right, WALKING, FOLKS. She will stand right up in the middle of the room, and take a few woozy steps towards whatever catches her fancy. She's taken up to 5-6 steps at a time. Pretty soon there won't be any falling down, it will be all walking, all the time.

Well, it's nap-time at Casa Swan. We're all going to lay down and enjoy some much needed rest. I am making some phone calls today to get various things taken care of that I had been putting off before now, and I'm waiting beside the phone for the doctor to call with my biopsy results. I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes. I'm debating cleaning up work email, but hesitate because I don't want to read any work email that I may need to address when I get back, I just want to clear out a bunch of the CRAP. *sigh* such a tough choice to make.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

All by myself

So, I'm sitting in my hospital room on night 3 of this long hospital stay. My chest tube is out, which is great, and I'm feeling better, which is great, but my 02 saturation is kind of low (really not bad at all, especially since we are at a higher elevation and I just had SURGERY). So I'm going to periodically get up, walk around my room and the floor I'm on, and use my cool little breathing apparatus to increase my intake.

Yes, I'm still hurting, thank god for percocet, but the pain is much more tolerable now that the stupid tube is out of me. Now I can sleep much more comfortably on my bed, even though my ass is asleep. I made Thad go stay with our friends tonight because the couch he was sleeping on was not very comfortable AT ALL, and I want to go home tomorrow. So I needed him well rested and comfy and ready to go tomorrow.

So we should hopefully get home tomorrow. Then I think my fabulous, wonderful, terrific in-laws will bring our baby to us, rather than make us make that 4 hour leg of the trip to go get her. And I'm so excited to see her. I can not wait to smooch her, smell her, hug her, hold her, and just cuddle the bejesus out of her. I miss her so much. How could you not miss this face:

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Sink bath with Gammy and Papa:

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A little breakfast-face:

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Magical Denver

So, it's snowing in Denver. Not just snowing, SNOWING. Heavy duty style. Ugh, I'm glad we brought the Mountaineer instead of my car, but still, it's pretty redick-ulus.

I go in tonight for my surgery. I can't eat past 9, and have to stop drinking at 3. I'm a whiny bitch when I don't get to eat or drink, so I'm considering sending Thad out (or going with him, I'm not that much of a jerk) to Sonic for one of their breakfast burritos. Sonic rocks my socks, it's soooooo good. I want one in MT, so much so that we are going to look into opening our own franchise of it. Well, we'll think about looking into it, close enough.

Yesterday we made it out to Golden to visit the Coors Brewery, aka Mecca or the Holy Land. It was pretty cool. Apparently people from town can just come for a "short tour" every day and get 3 free beers. There were tons of college kids sitting around drinking beer and talking, or playing cards. It's was like Starbucks, but with the sweet manna beer! Mary Rose ended up getting her buzz on a bit from Full Moon, Blue Moon, and a Zima (what!? Can't a girl drink a little Zima every now and then?).

We're once again staying with our friends Cody and Lori, and they have been the coolest host and hostess ever. We played a throw-down match of Name That Tune: 80s edition last night (no one was really declared a winner), and had some awesome pizza. They are great friends, letting us barge in here and take over for a few days, but they don't mind because apparently Thad and I are pretty funny and cool.

So, on the agenda today, besides Sonic, is some shopping. If Thad decides that driving to Loveland isn't a good idea with the snow, we may end up just doing our shopping online, but that isn't that bad. At least we can stay warm.

Well, we're braving the cold and snow and heading out to Loveland, wish us luck! I'll let everyone know how surgery goes!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm a horrible blogger, I know

So we head down to Denver tomorrow for my lung biopsy. I will try to update when I'm feeling better, it may not be until I get home.
Thoughts and prayers are welcomed and appreciated.