Saturday, July 28, 2007

The proverbial wagon

I've fallen off, folks. I haven't blogged in almost (over?) 2 weeks. I've left this realm of creativity behind to pursue other interests. Those interests being:

Staying cool
Attempting to make my days off feel more "off"
Not cooking

There really hasn't been anything new and exciting going down in my 'hood lately. Same old, same old. Today I'm at work a little earlier, and I go home a little earlier later, so perhaps I'll get to hang out with Thad for a couple hours tonight before we head to bed.

Elora is fantastic, but a little crankier lately, maybe teething. Who knows? She's pretty funny though, and we can now tickle her, take her swimming, sit her up in her bathtub to splash the water, and she opens and closes her hand now while watching herself the whole time. She thinks her hands are pretty awesome.

Well, I think I'll go pop some popcorn up. I'm feeling a tad peckish for some hot buttered goodness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some newer pictures

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Hello, my name is Elora, and I'm ADORABLE!

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I'm cute, I know it.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bathing beauties

We got a pool! It's nice, we're pretty excited to get in and enjoy it. It's a 12'x3', so Thad and I will be chilling out poolside. Perhaps we should get some chairs so we can sit down in the pool? Hmmmm, good idea or bad idea?

Here's a pic:

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The chair next to the pool is miniature, it's not really gigantic.

In other news I got some lamb chops we're going to cook up tonight on the grill. Super duper excited!

Well, Elora just woke up, so I gotta go grab her, and have some lunch!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Recap of the week

So Wednesday we got up bright and early, got our baby ready, and made our way across town. Dropping her off was relatively painless. She was awake and in a great mood, so that made it much more pleasant. My friend Jeni had agreed to watch her all day, so I knew she'd be in good hands with this pal.

So we get out to Laurel, and start getting ready to giddy-up and go. Coincidentally, the girl that threw my sister's bachelorette party is rafting, along with a few other girls my sister used to work with. All in all we had 13 people to spread out on two rafts.

Tammy, Shawn, Thad, myself, and Sunshine's daughter Sarah's boyfriend Tyler (that was a mouthful) took the yellow raft. Tammy played bartender while the fellas and myself paddled. Once we got a little ways down the river we stopped and waited for the blue raft. The blue one had Sarah, Kaitlyn, Sunshine, Cassie, Amy, Leah, Bryan, and Chris. We then were able to tie our boats together for the rest of the ride and lounge.

We didn't really play any games, but we did all just visit and gab and laugh and tell jokes and stories. We drank a few beers, took some shots (Bullblaster, baby) and smoked way too many cigarettes.

By the end of the float I was pretty drunk, so Thad and I got home and took a quick shower before the baby was supposed to show up. This shower did not aid me in my quest of attempting to sober up all the way before the baby got home, but I was trying.

So Elora got home, sleeping, so I sat myself on the couch to rest until she woke up. Thad made us some dinner, the baby and I both kind of napped, and then we got up to go watch fireworks around 9:45. Thad's co-worker Cione (spelling? He's from Tonga) always buys an assload of fireworks, so we just cruised over to watch a few.

Elora liked a few of them, even though most were too loud for her little ears. She actually fell asleep on Thad while we were watching them.

Yesterday Thad took the day off and we didn't just lounge around and veg, oh no. He got busy cleaning the garage even more than he had last weekend. I spent the day cleaning, cooking, and getting ready to bbq with a couple friends. I made pasta salad, ranch bread (mmmm-mmmm), shrimp skewers, corn and black bean salsa, and some marinade for steak. We grilled, had some brews, and had a nice casual evening.

Today my good friend Jen came over and watched the baby before they leave for Portland in the morning. She and Rick have decided on a Vegas wedding, which I'm pretty excited about since I haven't been to Vegas since I was 20, and Vegas is no fun while you're 20. I won't even be butthurt if I'm not in the wedding party, since going to Vegas is enough for me!

Well, I'm off now. Time to head home and watch some tv before I hit the old hay.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Countdown to FUN TIME!

Okay, peeps, I'm going rafting tomorrow. And I'm going all out, balls to the wall crazy waiting for the fun to begin.

It's not only fun and games though. I also seem to have acquired this thing called "love". This bullshit is making it impossible for me to go rafting all day, leaving my child in the care of others, and not feel a tinge of guilt, regret, remorse, and sadness that I won't see her smiling face for several hours. I'm going through the stages of grief, and I haven't even had to leave her yet.

Tomorrow the fun shall begin with................... wait for it........................ BULL BLASTERS! A little Red Bull, a little Jager, and you've got the party stah-ted!

I hope to keep the sunscreen slathered generously, I don't want to burn. I actually bought a bathing suit, and I'm pretty excited to wear it and show that shizz off!

I'm feeling slightly erratic, so I'll post this and go enjoy some Buffalo Wild Wings at ...... Buffalo Wild Wings with Tray, my call back beeyotch.