Thursday, July 17, 2008

You're like water for my soul when it gets thirsty

So, I'm back, and not 4 months later! Yippee! Actually, I wasn't able to take any pictures at Colstrip Days because my stupid camera reset itself and everytime I took a picture it filled my memory card. So I'm waiting on Adrienne to get her act together and post some of the pictures she took.

We had a good time, saw a lot of people we knew from high school. The memory is bittersweet now, as one of the many people there passed away this last weekend. Josh Davidson was only 26, and he passed away due to complications with diabetes. I worked with Josh since 2006, and I grew up across the street from him. It's really sad, and my prayers and thoughts are with his family right now.

I'm playing hookie from being a mom today. Elora is at daycare, and I'm supposed to be working on mid-year reviews for my peeps, and cleaning my shower. I have the living room picked up, the kitchen picked up, and the shower is fermenting in mildew remover. So once I've posted I head back to the grindstone.

Elora is doing wonderfully. She continues to get mouthier with her mom and dad, and God willing this is only a phase. I'll put pictures up soon, I SWEAR!