Sunday, August 2, 2009

36 weeks and counting

It's been a while since there has been an update. A long while, in fact, so here goes:

- We're scheduled for c-section on 8/21. This was exactly 3 weeks from Friday, and I'm starting to get excited.

- We'll be heading to Colstrip this weekend for my mom's family reunion. I might hide out a bit, resting and relaxing at my in-laws, but for the most part I'm excited to take Elora to meet my big extended family and play with kids.

- We have the nursery DONE! We have a few furniture things we still need, namely a dresser and I'd like a new La-Z-Boy Recliner for the living room. My brother works for a furniture store here in town, so he's going to hook me up with a sweet deal on a La-Z-Boy and I'm looking at getting myself a large storage ottoman as well. With as many blankets as I hoard we need a bigger place to store them.

- Thad and I will have our 6th anniversary on 8/30, and my parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary on 8/31. I can't believe they've been married 30 years, it blows my mind.

- Adrienne should be returning soon from Baby Quest 2009 (IVF trip to Seattle) at which point I will probably not have a baby in my tummy, and she'll have acquired a new womb-mate (or two!). Womb-mate. I slay me.

- Elora is seemingly ok with the idea of Colter finally coming out to see her. It will be sad for me when she no longer associates my tummy with a baby, but she hugs my tummy and kisses it and recognizes that this is Colter. Her brother. She'll be a big sister. I hope she's ready, it's going to be a wild ride!

- I need to get myself some frozen meals ready for while I'm still recouping from having the baby. I'm thinking I'll do a lasagna, a tater-tot casserole, make up a batch or two of tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes from the garden, and get myself some of those ridiculous skillet meals that only cost 5 bucks a bag.

If you want to see new pictures add me on Facebook. I am feeling lazy and not up for posting pictures. Don't hate me.... I'm freaking enormously pregnant!