Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shop til You Drop.... Minus the Dropping

So I hosted a Thirty One, Scentsy, and Wildtree party on Saturday.  It didn't have many attendees, which reminds me why I'm not a party thrower, because when no one comes its slightly crushing to one's self esteem.  But the consultants are all wonderful ladies for watching me drink most of the two bottles of wine we opened and staying the whole time to visit and eat.

If you're interested in ordering anything, the links are below.  Thirty One had a special that if you purchase $31 of products you can get a purse for 50% off.... this is an excellent way to order if you know someone who wants a purse (or maybe you want a purse but don't need anything else).  That party is right here

I made food using some Wildtree products for the party, and we got to sample some of the dressings and marinades.  Yum!  The Outrageous Orange sauce was super good.  If you want to check out any of the products they are all right here.

Last but not least, Scentsy has some AMAZING body products that I can't wait to get ordered, and my consultant's page is right here.  She doesn't have a party open for me at the moment online, but if you see something just email me (email address HERE) and I will put it on my order for you!

Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The New Gig

Last year I applied for a position in the organization I work for.  Lo and behold, after completing the interview process I was offered the position, that of Eligibility Administrator.  Roll that around in your mouth for a moment.  Nice and slow.  Doesn't that sound nice?  I like that it has just a shade of respectability to it.  Moving on.

The company I work for, who I feel odd naming on my blog since I wouldn't necessarily recommend that they read my blog based on the use of the word asshole and my desire to make people laugh by being inappropriate, is an awesome company.  I really love it.  Look up Third Party Administrator on google.  I work at a TPA.  There is so much I now know about health care, health care reform, and insurance, and my job allows me to find ways to make those mysterious topics less mysterious to the employees we handle benefits for.  I started in the call center, and I was one of the freaks that actually LOVED talking to people on the phone.  I sort of miss that part every day.  But on with the new position!

I started training in February, and am happy to announce that I got it done and I will be introduced to the employers that I will be handling the eligibility issues for in the next couple weeks while I quietly get to know their workload.  This is the point of no return.  I am choosing to walk headlong into the fray and I am oddly exhilarated by it.

I lucked out and got into a position that already seems to reward my (often spotty) critical thinking and my small town nosiness.  When I have issues where we have families that appear to have coverage through baby daddy's and remarriage it's actually important for me to wonder who is who's dad and whether or not he got stuck with a custody agreement that would make the coverage through someone else a primary payer.  Primary, Secondary, Tertiary.  These are my daily jargon.  Tertiary means third.  I don't get to say it often, but when I do I savor it.

The new department has also gotten a taste of the genius that is my brain.  I'm a process improver, give me a process you think is redundant or outdated or even one you don't think is really "broken" and I can probably find a way to make it faster, easier, or at least more thorough.  I'm finally getting to spread my Excel wings a little bit and make my own spreadsheets for various tasks.  The daily work of this new job is going to be a little stressful, but I know that when I have issues or problems or need help with a project I'll get the support I need.

This new job, combined with a new position Thad took at his work (congrats, husband, you make me so proud to be married to such a smart, handsome guy), means that this summer we probably won't get to get out of town as much as we'd like, but we already have some fun stuff planned for July (weekend at a lake house, how upper middle class of us!) and my mom's family reunion in Colstrip in August.  We'll be making time for the important stuff. 

I may not blog as often (haha, like I blog regularly at all as it is) but when I do you know it will be a gem!  Stay tuned!