Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If I had a Twitter Part 3

Voting for Mitt Romney because of a shared faith is like voting for Mitt Romney only because you are white..... oh wait, is that an unnecessary redundancy?

Family Fun in Bozo

Last week I stayed home with Colter while our day care provider was out of town (hope you had a nice vacation, Linda!) and I spent the week puttering around the house, doing the dishes every day, washing load after load of laundry, saw Puss in Boots every single day (it's actually pretty funny) and was a bum.  A bum that made two different kinds of mini-muffins (pumpkin chocolate chip and apple cinnamon streusel, both of which were divine),

I had planned for the Swans to stay overnight in Bozeman to visit the Children's Museum of Bozeman, and then hit the Bozeman Hot Springs the following day, but my brother had to go and schedule his FIRST PROFESSIONAL MIXED MARTIAL ARTS TITLE FIGHT for the following day, so we ended up only making it a day trip on Friday and getting Elora out of school early.  We managed to squeeze in a trip to the Museum of the Rockies while we were there too.  All in all it was a super fun trip!

This is the sweet girl on picture day, mommy curled her hair and let her wear glittery lip gloss.

Puppet show fun!  You'll notice that the pig appears to be sexually assaulting the horse in the last picture.  Daddy conducts a rather risque puppet show.

A ship of fools, and a fool with a camera and a mirror.  I wanted to document my adorable outfit for the sake of vain posterity.


The weather in Bozeman was just gorgeous for an October day, which was awesome because the Children's Museum has a cool plane outside that kids can play in.  Elora informed me that it had crashed there a long time ago. 

Playing in the sandbox.

Didn't take a ton of pictures at the MOR, but the kids enjoyed their Yellowstone room, and they have a really neat games/toys nook with all dinosaur stuff that they enjoyed.

We filled our growlers, grabbed some Dairy Queen, and headed home to Billings.  Saturday night we met some friends for Brew Pub nachos before the fight.

We had cool shirts that John's girlfriend made for everyone that came to cheer him on.  Not that he needed it.  He kicked ass and took names.

Sunday we went to Sartorie Farms for their pumpkin patch and corn maze, which was huge and the patch was filled with awesome pumpkins.  Here is the lot we managed to pick out.

 The green one is super heavy.  Thad picked out the giant pumkin on the left so we could have lots of pumpkin to make our own pie, and I picked the nice round pumpkin.  Elora has a slightly smaller pumpkin that is not pictured.

So that was our weekend of fun, in a nut shell.  We plan to make another trip and really stay overnight in the future, the kids loved the Children's Museum, and I need to get my hot springs on once the first snow flies.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 1, 2012

If I had a Twitter Part 2

Parental success story: my 6 year old daughter informed me it was October this morning.  And warned me that full moons mean werewolves come out.  Smart girl.