Monday, August 16, 2010

Just an old fashioned Twisted Sister song

You know the one I mean. The one about not taking it anymore. Well, I finally got to lay out the whole lame situation with losing my job. This was the appeal I needed to write to cathartically release any of the anger and frustration I've felt for the last several months.

I had to request a redetermination on my unemployment claim. Long story short, they looked at the paperwork that my previous employer had submitted and it was cut and dry, easily disqualified. So I got to write a 6 page letter that put all of the background facts that wouldn't fit into the text boxes of my original claim. We got that sucker faxed in yesterday (I love you Thad, thanks for doing that for me) and now we wait. It took forever just to find out about the original claim. But now I've got the name and number of someone that I can call if I have any more run around. Because I got run around on Friday by an unemployment agent, and it wasn't cool. I don't normally get shitty with customer service, but this girl was trying to get me to make an appointment for a call back this week just to TELL SOMEONE I was requesting a redetermination. I was like, this is a ridiculous hoop to make someone that works jump through. And it was, a hoop that is, because I called the lady my mother in law suggested I call and she told me just to fax it over. So take that, brand new customer service rep for unemployment.

In other news, we're broke AGAIN. Every time I think that we'll be able to crawl on top of some bills and wrap our hands around their soul-sucking throats paychecks don't pan out and we're left with enough grocery money and gas money to get to work and eat all week, but little to nothing else. With the fair this week, and Colter's birthday this weekend, we'll have to be really careful, but by next payday things should finally be turning around. The winds of change are here.

Oh, and did you happen to notice that Colter is having a birthday from my last paragraph?! That's right, my little man is turning A YEAR OLD! No plans for a formal party, I'm just going to supply a cake and some ice cream and maybe some supplies for kebobs and see what happens. My poor baby needs car seats for his birthday, so that will be mom and dad's boring gift and the grandparents will need to buy him something fun.

Last night I made colcannon and it was really good. We had it with a smoked chicken, and both will make a fabulous lunch for me today. Here is a picture of all our culinary glory last night.

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Alright, it's time for a shower and getting ready for another Monday at work. Have a fab work week, everyone!