Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Houston, we have a penis

I didn't have to fake my sonogram like Miranda in "Sex and the City". I was genuinely excited to see a penis.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stumbling down Memory Lane

I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind. Going back to work after a three day weekend, scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow, thinking forward to the end of June and my 10 year high school reunion. I feel pretty lucky that 10 years after high school I will be going back to see the people I started adulthood with and know that I didn't end up so bad. I may have bigger boobs and a larger BMI number than I left with, but I also have a great husband, an amazing little girl, a baby on the way, a job and great friends.

As I drove in to work I was thinking of an old friend, Jessica McMakin. Jess and I were speech and drama geeks, but her and her sister, Annie, were also the two Mormon girls that taught me a lot about music. I may have known about the Rolling Stones, the Ramones, Jimi Hendrix, Bad Religion, and others, but these girls always had a ridiculous amount of cds and musical moods that helped in creating the soundtrack to my teenage years. I wouldn't probably have come to love Weezer's "Pinkerton" if it hadn't been for these girls.

On S&D trips we'd listen to my cd player in the back of the bus, and the following songs were a couple that I still retain a fondness for. I don't know if I'll see Jess in June, but I imagine our catching up would include detailed renditions of the bands we've seen, the new music we're in to, and a recounting of the shenanigans we'd get up to.

Becky Pemble is engaged! Becky is another friend from Colstrip, and we've been friends since the fifth grade. Becky was also another friend that I have some musical memories of. One summer my sister and I went camping with the Pembles. We stayed next to a pond outside of Ashland, and gave ourselves mud beauty treatments with the mud from the bottom of the pond. Becky and her sister would come with my dad and us kids to Mountain Man Rendezvous in Red Lodge, and we'd dress up like frontier girls and get sunburns on our noses. It was the closest we got to playing dress up when we were in high school, and I can confidently say that the memories we still have of those summers are pretty fond for both of us.

Back when tapes were cool, Becky and I both loved Weezer, and shared a fondness for disco music. These were a couple songs I could find that remind me of her.

As for the ultrasound tomorrow, my main thing at the moment is wanting to go in with a name idea for both genders. We've retained the boy name we picked when Elora was in utero (Colter Bryan), but a girl name hasn't been forthcoming. My M.I.L. (mother in law for short) suggested her dad's middle name for a girl name. The name itself is escaping me, but somehow it came to be Meggie in my mind. Meggie Marie. "Marie" is my mom's middle name. Since she's been begging to have one of her kids name a grandchild after her, and since "Darla" is not a name either of us want to give one of our kids, "Marie" is something I can definitely live with. I think I'd like "Meggie" rather than anything I would need to shorten.

Thad and his dad spent all weekend working on the basement. They got nearly all of the drywall up, and Thad finished up the small areas that hadn't been drywalled after his dad left yesterday afternoon. They framed the closet, and built the wall that will seperate the bedroom from the bathroom. Now we just need to mud, paint, and put in some flooring, then the bedroom will be ready for a bed, and there is enough room for an office between the bedroom area and the closet. It will be really nice when it's finished. The bathroom plan is still in the works, but that can be done later. Once we can get the bedroom set up we can set up the new baby's room upstairs.

Well, I'm going to stop rambling for right now. I haven't posted pictures of the best burgers ever that Adrienne and I made during a recent trip to C-Town. Those will be posted, but I've been lazy about getting the pictures uploaded. Don't hate me for my procrastination.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Should I read Pajiba in the morning?

I love Pajiba for it's witty reviews of movies, television shows, and books. I didn't think I'd love it for the political view points on our current economic situation, but the people that commented on this recent movie review all had me furrowing my brow and thinking really hard about where we are at right now, and what it's going to take to get us out of the mess we're in. Read the review of the movie "I.O.U.S.A." and then start reading the comments below. I'd love to hear thoughts, because it's time that we start talking to our congressmen and our elected officials and tell them EXACTLY what we want to see happen. For too long citizens have been the silent receivers of whatever the government decides to do. There are people out there that force change, whether it's in the form of laws or the form of public awareness. If we sit idly by we will never see the change we want.

Here's the article that got my wheels a-turnin'.