Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My little Mary Tyler Moore

I got this coat from my sister, and I love it! It's so adorable!

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I got it

I did! I got it! I'm now a supervisor at Bresnan! I'm still sort of shocked, but also very excited, and deciding on all the things I want to do!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pictures of Elora

I've updated my myspace pictures, since I haven't done that in forever, and am posting some on here for everyone's enjoyment.

I love this one because I don't normally get a good picture when she smiles. This isn't a great picture, but it captured her for a second.

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We love breakfast time.
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She's so serious.
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Did I say that?
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fun phone conversations

I love driving to work and visiting with friends. It makes the day a little better before I have to go sit at work for 11 hours. And one of my favorite people to have these meandering visits with is Miss Adrienne. Adrienne are champs when it comes to carrying on daily tasks while engaging in conversations that can be deep, philosophical, hysterical, or nonsensical, or sometims they are all of these at the same time.

Today was one such day. She partied like a rock star last night, and we plotted and schemed for her weekend visit coming up. What makes me laugh pretty hard is that it used to be I could toss back drinks like they were free (which most of the time they weren't), and now a weekend with me is actually going to be considered a "dry spell".

But something else that made me happy with our phone convo today is that I appreciate not having a hangover more. Granted, I haven't been pissed drunk in a while, nothing more than a warm buzz in about 3 or 4 months, but I'm loving that I don't want to slit my wrists from my own stupidity. Not to imply that Adrienne is, but by God, I'm sure she will be.

Tomorrow's the supervisor announcement. I'm relieved the whole interview process is over, now it's just the wait for the final answer. Which I don't mind as much because I no longer have to think about what I'm going to say in front of a group of people. This interview process was stressful, but hopefully if supervisor doesn't happen for me this time the next time I'll nail it.

Still no idea about what we're doing with our kid and dogs and stuff when I go to Denver in December. I would prefer not to drag Elora with us, a hospital really is the last place I want her during the winter, but haven't come up with a concrete plan on how to make that possible. We're discussing it right now via Messenger, more news to come!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The "Mommy Dearest" Diet

So, this isn't so much a diet choice as it is a lifestyle (that sounded pretentious, didn't it?). You just make whatever you can share with a 9 month old, and then split it with the child. That means half the calories. And you're eating things like bananas, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese, all of which are somewhat healthy. So I feel slightly thinner today than I have in a while, and I think it's because I haven't been drinking beer (do Bacardi Silver Mojitos count as beer?) and I feel pretty good.

Well, my child is finished with her mandarin oranges, so it's time to wipe her down and get her ready for a bath. Hope everyone has a great Friday night!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Cookies

So last week I went over to my sister's house to make Halloween cookies with Quayd and Clover. I brought the cookie mix, the frosting, the food coloring (for the frosting), stencils, cookie cutters, and Halloween sprinkles.

Here are a couple of cookies we made and decorated:

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And here are a few more:

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Here's my little nephew, Quayd, looking ghoulish with black teeth:

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And little Miss Clover, she's the cutest:

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Friday, October 19, 2007


Big news!!!

I made it to round 2 for the supervisor position! I don't have a scheduled interview time and date, but now it's crunch time to really DAZZLE.

Also, I have a scheduled date and time for my pre-op appointment in Denver, as well as the biopsy. December 10th and 11th are the days, and I'm glad it's finally scheduled.

My brother didn't end up fighting last night. The first MMA fight needs to last less than 2 minutes for there to be a second, and the first fight went 2:47. He was pretty bummed, but the guy that runs the fights said that due to the distance he drove to fight and his hunger for it he would let John fight the next time he came to town.

Well, we're heading to Walmart to get some baby stuff, so later y'all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm a junkie

I've been watching QVC today, and I may buy myself a pretty new ring. I love getting sucked into tv that is trying to sell me something. I mean I love and I hate it, because I talk myself out of buying stuff all the time.

So, I've left this blog woefully unattended for several days.... ahem.... weeks. Not much going on. I applied for another supervisor position at work, and interviewed for it yesterday. I think I interviewed pretty good, but I guess we'll see how well.

My brother is fighting at Thursday Night at the Fights tomorrow night. I guess they do UFC style fighting, and that's what he is going to do. I'll be honest, I am going, but I'm sick to my stomach at the thought of watching my brother get his ass handed to him. Not that I think that's a given, but it still scares me to think about it.

Well, my monkey just fell asleep, so I'm going to do a little light housework while I'm unaccompanied by a minor (haha). I'm making Halloween cookies at my sisters later! Hooray!

Oh, and still no schedule date for a biopsy. Kind of just waiting to hear back at this point.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hey Jealousy

Why must you rear your ugly head my way? I guess it's human nature to crave to say, do, think, and experience things that others do, and that leads to feelings of loneliness and sadness when you know that you won't.

I'm slightly melancholy, I'm a little plugged up (plugged up like a pregnant woman's cervix is actually the analogy I used earlier with Thad) and work was kind of crap tonight. A long day, coupled with not feeling good, does not a happy duckling make.

One bright side is I've made a wonderful new friend. Her name is Suzanne, and I've never actually met her. I spoke with her over the phone the other night at work, and she ended up being a loooong conversation that led to an email address exchange. She is so kind, and I'm happy to have met her.

There is a supervisor position at work opening up, and I need to get my application in. I feel I have a good chance, but I think that Thad and I will need to have a sit down to figure out if we really want to continue to put the strain of a crap schedule on our relationship. In some ways the pay and the responsibility I'd have are sooooo appealing, but also kind of scary and intimidating as well.

Sometimes things happen when I doubt my abilities. Whether it's my abilities as a friend, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, or an employee, I get that feeling where I wonder if anything I do will be enough. The rat race of life seems to carry me away and I can't remember the last time I did something purely because I desperately wanted to (aside from buying my Coach purse, of course). I do things because I need to, or I have to. When Lord, when, when's gonna be my time?!?!

Eh, just the ramblings of a slightly sad, overly neurotic sick person that just took some decongestant and is aching to feel the sweet release of snot in her ears and nose.

What would I do if I could just do anything I wanted? If I'm really honest would I spend a day doing all the things I know are bad for me but that I've been thinking about (despite how bad they are) since I stopped doing them? Would I read a book and eat sunflower seeds all day? Drink beer and smoke cigarettes? I guess in some ways I do what I really want because I do want to spend so much time with Elora, because she is so much fun to play around with. But perhaps it's the strain of working 9 straight days with no real breaks that is causing me to ponder the decisions I make, both for myself and for my family.

I also feel like I look like crap today, which doesn't help my mood. I have a couple neck zits that resemble a couple of Buicks that have parked on my face. But in light of how crap I feel I'm going to post a picture where I don't look like crap to improve my mood.

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Haha, there you go. A slightly fuzzy picture of a girl with a large fatneck and a camera phone. Enjoy.