Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When the party is over

So hometown weekend is over, spent most of the time just playing with the kids and watching them enjoy their childhood in our old stomping grounds. Here are the highlights:

- Bahamanian tan, along with some fabulous wardrobe selections picked up cheap cheap cheap!

- I watched fireworks Saturday with two of my favorite people in the world. Oh, and Adrienne and Dena were there too... AHAHAHAHA, comedy! The kids sat still and watched in wonder snuggled up against me, and it was a pretty nice little show.

- I'm too old to start partying after 10:00pm. I can keep partying if the partying is commenced earlier than this time, but not after. I found that out Saturday night.

- I'm a militant tobacco-free endorser. I'm sure it's annoying, but now it's a part of who I am.

- I spent time with mi familia loca, and while it was short and sweet it was nice, but probably best that it was so short.

- John brought his girlfriend home to meet mi familia loca. That went well, she was a big hit, and she didn't leave his ass in Colstrip at the end of the weekend. BONUS!

- I'm a slut for my husband. No details, no hints, but I love that man so much it gives me heart palpitations.

Upcoming is the 4th of July weekend and celebrations with an old coworker from way back in my Molerway days. Back when I was a much less militant anti-tobaccoist. Then the following weekend I'm hoping to get a sighting of my dear friend Jen J-Mc. I hope that all my friends and family and readers have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We are leaving tomorrow for a weekend in Colstrip with family and friends. The last weekend in June is Colstrip Days, which I hear a fair amount of snickering from non-Colstripians about. Doesn't every small town in America have a weekend dedicated to returning to your hometown like refugees, visiting with old school mates, and getting sauced in the local canteens? They don't? Well, sucks for all those other little towns then, doesn't it.

Growing up in a little town like Colstrip was great, so great in fact that Thad has been considering applying for a job there. We aren't eager to move, but if he found something that paid well enough that I didn't have to work I think we would definitely consider switching gears and trying it out.

Tonight I'm treating myself to a spray tan so I can be deliciously bronzed for the weekend. I'm super excited to see friends, spend time in my in-laws back yard watching the kids play, and enjoying a frosty cold Coors Light. I've been foregoing my usual nightly beer this week, as though my abstinence will lower my tolerance before the weekend. Hey, it might work.

Have a great weekend!!!!

90's Flashback #6

I miss the days when MTV actually had music videos. I can't believe I'm saying this, but even TRL was better than 100% of the shows currently on MTV. That's my two cents on the state of MTV. Now for your regularly scheduled music video.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

90's Flashback #5

Aw, Green Day. I loved Green Day. I loved 1,039 smoothed out slappy hours, and I loved Billie Joe, effed up teeth and all. Most of my family can attest to how much I yearned for Billie Joe.

I kind of think that when I first really started developing a crush on my husband that it was because he was the closest thing to a punk rocker in Colstrip, MT as I could get. Not like mohawk punk rocker, but he didn't fit the molds of jock or stoner or nerd. He had the element of just not giving a f*&%, or a "dissidence", if you will. I can't believe it's been over 10 years since I finally suckered him into dating me.

Enjoy a fabulous weekend!

Monday, June 13, 2011

90's Flashback #4

Today's 90's flashback is a Weezer song. Weezer had a little album called Pinkerton, released in 1996. Pinkerton was not nearly as popular as their first album, but much like myself in high school, being popular and being awesome are not mutually inclusive. There were a lot of excellent songs on Pinkerton, but this one is probably my favorite just because of it's sing-along-ability. If you've never heard it before, give it a listen, I think you'll like it

Sunday, June 12, 2011

90's Flashback #3

If you knew me in my late middle school/early high school years you should be aware of my deep love and appreciation for early Smashing Pumpkins. This song is gorgeous. I could listen to it repeatedly and never get tired of it. From the 3:30 mark on I pretty much get weepy with nostalgia.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

90's Flashback #2

Alright, here is a throwback to the early 90s, the FBMS years. I was almost painfully dorky in middle school (kind of glad I don't have any pictures from this time frame, my parents have them all) and I got the Kris Kross cassette tape for Christmas in 1992, when I was in 6th grade. I won't lie, I think I tried to do the backwards clothes thing for a little while, which only added to my painful dorkiness.

I almost considered putting up the video for "I Missed The Bus", but that is something I will never ever ever do again. HEY-OH, did you see what I just did there? Timeless.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I don't know how many of my readers actually know what Montana weather is like, but lately it's been CRAZY. Flooding, tornadoes, more flooding, and rain. Not fun at all, but hopefully we'll start seeing more summer weather soon.

Hopefully, although we are low on funds until payday (and even after payday these days), we will have a chance to take our little pop up camper out someplace close and do a little weekend camping soon. I hope our weather and finances cooperate.

Thad took the day off to stay home with kids since our day care provider is taking her daughter to have surgery. I wish I was home with him, watching movies and putting something in our crock pot that will fill the house with delicious aroma. Sadly, though, I'm at work.

Oh well, that's all for today. Stay tuned for another 90s flashback video today!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

90's Flashback #1

This song is one that I used to listen to back in high school, and still love to hear now. Better Than Ezra, a quintessential one hit wonder band.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drumroll please.....

As I know everyone has been waiting with eager anticipation for a sighting of the new deck, I've finally decided to get these bad boys posted.

Elora on the deck, to really indicate the scale.
From Drop Box

Elora still on the deck, slightly different angle
From Drop Box

The treacherous step and the equally treacherous screen door. We've had one get-together and one person dislodged the screen door from it's track, and then I ended up bouncing my face off it for good measure.
From Drop Box

Thad put some lattice around the step and I think it looks great.
From Drop Box

New patio furniture, including the fabulous gas firepit
From Drop Box

I crap you not, Colter's first interaction with the fire pit involved him getting his hair singed. I'm pretty sure we'll have more singed hair before this summer is over. Probably some of mine, for sure.
From Drop Box

The beautiful weather this weekend meant WATER PLAY. Elora gets head dunked by daddy.
From Drop Box

And so does Colter B
From Drop Box

Elora is more comfortable with her swimsuit like this. Not even kidding.
From Drop Box

Yup, that's a string of spit.
From Drop Box

One more of the deck furniture
From Drop Box

We had a smashing little inauguration of the new deck, lots of old friends visited and enjoyed some of Thad's delicious smoker delicacies. It was a lot of fun, but pretty tiring, but I can't wait to fire up that fire pit again and sit under the stars soon.